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Proven Team


“Because we’re new, we can look at our sector with a fresh eye. We did research in the UK where de-risking through group annuities is well established, and also in the US, where they’re a bit farther along than we are. We wanted to see what they’re doing that might be different from standard practice in Canada – then we wanted to see how we could do better.”

Vicki Stokoe

Chief Compliance Officer, General Counsel

Initially trained as a lawyer, Vicki Stokoe has spent the majority of her career in the professional consulting sector, with a particular focus on helping clients manage pension and human resource issues. For more than two decades, she has been able to draw on her eye for detail and her skill at analysis to help clients cut through challenges and find their way to solutions. Vicki also has experience in crafting organizational strategy and managing regulatory relationships.

For several years, her work had a significant international dimension. She consulted on retirement and pension issues in the UK, with a particular focus on matters relating to governance and compliance. Subsequently, Vicki held leadership roles in her firm’s Canadian operations, helping to oversee a $300 million business.

“The most rewarding aspect of being part of Brookfield Annuity is the opportunity we have to do some real good for people. People who have worked hard all their lives and who deserve a secure retirement. We can help ensure that happens.”

Throughout her career, Vicki has shown that she is comfortable with range. She’s led internal teams and guided external partners. She’s developed narrow-cast communications for specific employee groups and participated in creating big-picture strategy for global leadership teams. She understands the importance of getting the right message to the right people in the right way – whether that message is about the importance of good governance for a pension plan or about Brookfield Annuity’s commitment to keeping the pension promise.

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