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“I’ve worked at a large corporation and Brookfield Annuity is very different. We have a start-up attitude – so we’re very energetic, very agile, and can move things very fast. At the same time, we can also slow down and take the time to really examine a problem or opportunity when we need to. This flexibility is one of our greatest strengths.”

Steven Cheung

VP of Operations

Trained as an engineer, an actuary and a financial analyst, Steven Cheung, for much of his career, has worked in developing, implementing and managing sophisticated technical solutions for delivering pension and retirement-related consulting and administration services. For several years, he was Chief Information Officer for one of the world’s largest retirement consultancies, where he directed the development of systems to support the firm’s pension and investments solutions. All of which makes him an ideal fit for Brookfield Annuity.

As the company’s Vice President, Operations, Steven is entrusted with one of Brookfield Annuity’s most important responsibilities – getting pension payments out to our policy members, correctly and on time. To do this, he works closely with Buck, our pension services provider, giving managerial oversight and collaborating with them on addressing challenges and creating solutions.

He also plays a key role in welcoming new clients and new policy members, ensuring a seamless and secure transfer of plan information and member data from the original plan sponsor to Brookfield Annuity and Buck. One of the defining features of Brookfield Annuity is our organization-wide understanding that we are working to keep the pension promise for people who have worked all their lives. It’s one of the things that excites Steven about working at Brookfield Annuity.

In my career, I’ve come across many firms that just want to satisfy the letter of a service-level agreement. We want to satisfy the letter and the spirit of our commitments to policy members. Brookfield Annuity wants to provide truly great service to our members, not just tick a box on an SLA checklist.

When he is not working on delivering innovative IT solutions professionally, he works on them personally. In addition to being a musician, traveller and avid golfer, Steven likes to explore the opportunities offered by the Internet of Things. He has built and programmed a wide range of time-saving gadgets from scratch and, using his cell phone, can remotely turn on appliances at home from the 17th hole on the golf course so dinner is cooked when he gets home.

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