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Proven Team


“Brookfield Annuity is the only company in Canada that is primarily focused on providing group annuity solutions. That degree of specialization makes us unique, and I believe it will make us better at what we do. Our focus guides our experience, our imagination and our effort — basically everything we've got goes into finding group annuity solutions that will meet our clients' needs.”

Paul Kerr

Chief Investment Officer

Paul Kerr knows investment and he knows insurance. Before joining Brookfield Annuity, he worked for one of the world’s largest insurance companies, where he played a lead role in developing and implementing a successful investment strategy, with an eye to generating dependable returns over a long time horizon. Paul was also a senior executive with one Canada’s leading alternative asset management companies.

Paul’s experience and investment style are well aligned to both the investment philosophy of our parent, Brookfield Asset Management, and the long-term needs of Brookfield Annuity clients and policy members.

 “We take our fiduciary responsibility very seriously. We’re here to deliver benefits to our annuitants, our policy members, that’s why we’re in business.” 

Paul’s personal interests also reflect a commitment to planning, risk management and long-term goals. Paul is a certified yacht skipper, who has twice sailed across the English Channel.  

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