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PAul Forestell
“Pension de-risking through group annuities is what we do. We’re the only Canadian company with that primary focus – and we exist to help companies take risk off their balance sheets while ensuring they can keep the pension promise. That’s what sets Brookfield Annuity apart.”

Paul Forestell

President and Chief Executive Officer

For close to 25 years, Paul Forestell has helped organizations large and small manage every aspect of their defined benefit pension plans, including risk and de-risking. Having worked in progressively senior roles for a world-recognized retirement and pension consultancy, Paul knows first-hand what it takes to build a business and meet bottom-line expectations. He also played a lead role in several major group annuity transactions that effectively demonstrated how group annuities could meet the needs of Canadian companies and their pensioners.

These experiences gave Paul a foundation of insight and understanding that, in combination with the expertise of his colleagues, enables Brookfield Annuity to consider flexible, innovative approaches for getting the most out of group annuity de-risking solutions.

“One of the advantages Brookfield Annuity brings to the market is a fresh perspective based on our team’s decades of experience. We bring ideas that are versatile, and we’re open to working with clients to find the best solution that fits their specific situation.”

Paul also has close ties to his profession and his community. He has lectured on pension-related issues at the Schulich School of Business, and is regularly sought out by the media, including the Globe and Mail, the Toronto Star, the National Post, Business News Network and the CBC, to provide insight on pension matters. Paul was Vice Chair of the Canadian Institute of Actuaries’ Pension Plan Financial Reporting Committee (2002), and since 2009 he has coached the North York Knights of the Greater Toronto Hockey League.

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