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Proven Team


“For a plan sponsor, managing a pension plan requires a tremendous investment of time and resources. I’ve done it, so I understand the challenges that plan sponsors face.”

Carmen Woo

Chief Financial Officer

As the Treasurer of a publicly traded company with DB pension plans in Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom, Carmen Woo dealt with the challenges of managing and meeting pension obligations first-hand. Her experience includes de-risking pension plans, pension governance, investment management and handling a wide range of fiduciary risk issues with direct oversight of a pension plan’s finances. This provides Carmen – and Brookfield Annuity – with a practical understanding of the day-to-day realities and ongoing concerns associated with being a pension plan sponsor.

Trained as a chartered accountant, Carmen spent several years with one of the world’s largest accounting and professional services firms. She also has experience in corporate finance, managing liquidity, currency, insurance and financing structures for an international dual-listed company.

“Group annuities offer a solution where everybody wins. They allow plan sponsors to get risk off their balance sheets while sharpening their focus on core activities that build shareholder value. Sponsors and pension members both get to enjoy the peace of mind that comes from transferring pension risk to an expert and knowing that the pension promise will be kept. And at Brookfield Annuity, our mandate is to manage pension risk and pay pension benefits… so we get to concentrate on what we do best.”

Carmen's background will help ensure that Brookfield Annuity has sound financial practices in place, and make an essential contribution to meeting the company's strategic goals and securing its long-term financial success.

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