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Proven Team

Board of Directors

Art Siksna

Independent Director

Art held senior executive positions with RBC Financial Group, in both North America and Europe, in the areas of human resources and compensation, pensions and benefits. He worked directly on pension issues and on developing de-risking options for defined benefit pension plans, while overseeing the delivery of pension programs and services to more than 80,000 employees. This experience provided Art with an in-depth knowledge of governance issues relating to human resources, including pensions and compensation. During his tenure, he played a key role in helping to ensure that RBC maintained a best-in-class standard for global pension plan strategy and governance.

After 35 years with RBC, Art retired as Senior Vice President, Human Resources in 2016. His career also encompassed commercial banking, providing him with a broad understanding of managing challenges in many business sectors. Between 2008 and 2014, he was a director of Pension Trustees Limited, UK. 

Member of:

  • Governance Committee (Chair)
  • HR Committee (Chair)

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